Rittgers Fund/Convention Assistance

Ritgers Fund Application


From the Affiliate bylaws


5.00 George and Gwen Rittger’s Stipends for state convention


5.01. The state board will allocate the maximum amount to be used from the fund by January 31 of each year.


5.02 An individual application must be made 30 days before the beginning of convention by the person requesting the funds, or by their chapter president, which explains the reason for the request.


5.03 It is not intended that these funds pay the entire cost of convention attendance, and the committee is only to allocate funds based on need and will not use the entire allocated amount unless recipients needs justify it.


5.04 The state president may authorize funding after the deadline in extraordinary circumstances if funds remain in the allocation.


5.05 Whenever practical, funds will be directly paid either to cover hotel costs or convention registration and meals.


5.06 New or perspective members will be given highest priority in their request.


5.07 Persons who have previously attended a Missouri convention will then be given consideration.


5.08. No person shall receive funds a second or subsequent time unless they experience an unexpected financial crisis that would otherwise prevent their attendance.